Achieve Your Sustainability
Goals Using RNG

Buyers of RNG can use it’s carbon negative environmental
attributes to offset Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.

Renewable Natural Gas is one of the most cost-competitive carbon solutions in the market trading at less than $50/MTCO2e. GreenGas captures methane, a highly potent greenhouse gas, from agricultural, municipal, and industrial sources. Using the captured methane as a renewable fuel not only displaces consumption of fossil fuels, it also prevents methane’s global warming potential, which is 25-85 times greater than CO2, from accelerating climate change.


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How Can I Decarbonize by Purchasing RNG?

GreenGas is subjecting itself to rigorous, internationally recognized Gold Standard Verification Process

Process Steps

Process Steps

  1. Data collection & integrity checks by third party consultant
  2. Data sharing with SustainCert. Verification process coordination.
  3. SustainCert verifies project against Gold Standard protocols.
  4. Project and associated emission reductions entered Gold Standard registry.
  5. Agree upon amount of verified emission reductions passed to Daimler.

Third Party Verification: Carbon Registries

GreenGas has been certified as a generator of both Renewable Thermal Certificates (“RTCs”) and carbon offsets in two leading global carbon registries – M-RETS and Climate Action Reserve (“CAR”)

  • Leading Renewable Energy Tracking System in the United States
  • Traces physical gas molecule from producer to end user
  • Certificates in the form of volume (dekatherm), with local source project
  • Most experienced offset registry in global carbon markets
  • Certificates retired in the form of MT CO2e
  • Industry leader in carbon accounting and verification of emissions reduction
The Daimler Group is pursuing a global decarbonization strategy. One of the key objectives is to make vehicle manufacturing carbon neutral by 2022. To achieve this goal, Mercedes is using a variety of renewable energy sources including solar, wind along with consumption reduction.
Mercedes renewable energy sources

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Decarbonized natural gas costs are <15% higher than current fossil rates

Schematic Economic Case Study to decarbonize consumption of 100MBTU

1. Natural Gas Consumption: 100MMBTU
2. Price of Natural Gas: $10/MMBTU
3. Total Natural Gas Price = $1,000
4. RNG required to offset natural gas emissions: ~10MMBTU
5. Price of RNG: $25/MMBTU
6. Total RNG Price = $250
7. Total Cost Fossil + RNG = (90 * $10) + (10 * $25) = $1,150 A

A decarbonized blended renewable gas costs are just 15% higher than a traditional fossil natural gas rate.

Eliminate Greenhouse Gas emissions

RNG Project Certification

GreenGas uses accredited carbon accounting methodologies to determine verifiable greenhouse gas reductions. Environmental attributes associated with RNG are generated using metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2e). This approach allows you to use RNG environmental attributes as an offset or reduction mechanism across your entire portfolio of energy sources. RNG is a particularly effective tool to offset Scope 1 GHG. RNG scores highly in additionality measures.

The use of RNG as an offset mechanism is allowed under the GHG Protocol. Carbon neutrality standards such as PAS 2060, the CDP, and others point to RNG as a decarbonization pathway for organizations seeking carbon neutrality.
Depending on the intended use of RNG and our partners’ locations, we apply protocols to meet state and federal compliance standards such as those established by EPA, CARB, the EU, as well as voluntary emission reduction standards.

Our RNG projects are subjected to rigorous independent review, by third-party verification organizations such as Verra, SustainCert, ISCC, M-RETS. If desired, verified emission reductions (VER’s) and certified emission reductions (CER’s) can be issued. Alternatively, the RNG environmental attributes can be retired in the name of the purchasing entity, thereby establishing the additionality connection, while preventing double-counting of the environmental attributes.

GreenGas works with its customers to ensure robust tracking and documentation for GHG accounting.



GreenGas has extensive knowledge of the regulated and voluntary markets for carbon and RNG.

GreenGas can determine the amount of RNG needed to meet your decarbonization goals based on the natural gas usage (in MMBtu/yr or DT/yr) of your facility. A general rule of thumb is one molecule of RNG offsets the MTCO2e assosciated with approximately 10 molecules of NG burned.

GreenGas can provide requested verification methodologies consistent with your company’s requirements for traceability including retired MTCO2e on carbon registries, recognized verification standards following UN protocols, real-time metering of RNG injected into the natural gas pipeline for your company. 

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“We are proud to partner with GreenGasUSA to minimize the use of fossil fuels in our Scope 1 emissions and execute on highly effective carbon-neutral strategies, selecting GreenGasUSA for this project was a natural choice as several of their agricultural partners are in close proximity to our existing operational infrastructure. The environmental benefits they provide to the communities they serve and their potential to grow and expand with us as a service provider underscores our excitement about this new collaboration.”
“With this partnership, we are taking a smart but real financial and operational risk in order to advance a core university priority for carbon neutrality,” Ennis said. “But we also hope to be a leader in advancing innovation in sustainability practices, and to supporting others who are developing new ideas and technologies in the field”

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