Carolina Gas Transmission and GreenGasUSA Partner to Go Carbon Neutral

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GreenGasUSA and Carolina Gas Transmission Partner to Advance Pipeline Operational Carbon Neutrality through Georgetown RNG Hub

  • GreenGasUSA is capturing methane gas from a SC agricultural facility which will reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere

  • The captured gas will be converted to pipeline quality renewable natural gas (RNG) and used by Carolina Gas Transmission’s (CGT) efforts to achieve operational carbon neutrality. The avoided emissions exceed the greenhouse gas footprint of CGT’s compressor stations

  • The project will offset the carbon dioxide equivalent of more than 77,300 metric tons of emissions annually, the equivalent of eliminating emissions from more than 16,700 motor vehicles every year

  • GreenGasUSA has invested in a renewable gas injection point (hub) on CGT’s pipeline system in Georgetown that will serve as a gateway for future renewable gas projects

  • The RNG hub will create capacity for additional renewable natural gas projects providing new income streams to farmers, municipalities and other waste sources

Charleston, SC: Today, GreenGasUSA announced an agreement with Carolina Gas Transmission (CGT), a BHE GT&S subsidiary, to supply renewable natural gas from South Carolina sources through an RNG hub in Georgetown, South Carolina.

The RNG hub will be in service in 2022, create nine local jobs and be supplied by the first agricultural-wastewater-to-RNG project in the region. The RNG hub has been designed with future growth in mind and will serve as an aggregation point for renewable gas developments from industrial, agricultural and municipal wastewater sources in North and South Carolina and Georgia. This new source of firm natural gas supply will provide much-needed access to a reliable and renewable energy source for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Renewable natural gas is transforming the future of clean energy. Capturing methane from agricultural waste produces RNG for customers’ use, avoiding direct release and putting that methane to use in a beneficial way that lowers greenhouse gas emissions. Through innovative technology like the RNG hub, the pipeline system operations and downstream customers can reduce their environmental impact while continuing efficient operations through a reliable and consistent energy supply.

“The GreenGasUSA team is incredibly pleased to help our customer Carolina Gas Transmission achieve operational carbon neutrality, play a role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and build a better, more sustainable future for our children,” said Marc Fetten, founder of GreenGas USA. “The RNG hub is a strategic asset of monumental importance that will facilitate many other methane capture projects from hog farms, ag waste and municipal wastewater treatment plants. Carolina Gas Transmission’s commitment to this project builds a foundation for a carbon-neutral and sustainable future in our communities. Becky Atkinson, GreenGasUSA’s Managing Director, added “This is the first project of its kind in South Carolina and is a testament to our community’s ability to come together to tackle important economic and environmental issues. Working with Environmental Fabrics Inc, GEL Engineering and Carolina Gas Transmission has brought together expertise from a variety of industries to create something wonderful.”

Wayne Vermullen, General Manager for Carolina Gas Transmission, said, “The Georgetown RNG hub is a model for customers to lower their environmental impacts while continuing their day-to-day operations without interruption or necessitating the construction of additional infrastructure. We are pleased to partner to offer an innovative clean energy solution through the Carolina Gas Transmission system.”

“When it comes to the challenge of sustainability, agriculture has been and will continue to be part of the solution,” said South Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture Hugh Weathers. “This partnership shows that, in South Carolina, we can all work together to create renewable energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

“We’ve been providing solutions to address and improve clients’ environmental impact for over 27 years,” said Dennis Shanklin, President of Environmental Fabrics, Inc. “For us to be a part of this forward-thinking project and the opportunity to continue our efforts in our home state of South Carolina is a proud moment.”

Brian Tucker, Economic Development Director for Georgetown County, commented, “GreenGasUSA will provide a much-needed increase in the natural gas supply to our industrial base and a broad base of customers.  We are equally pleased by the company’s focus on identifying and capturing this renewable energy source, and we are hopeful that this project will lead to future expansions as we all place a greater emphasis on renewable energy. This project adds a much-needed sustainable energy option for our Pennyroyal Road Industrial Park and could set the park up as the first carbon-neutral industrial park. Georgetown County has long been known for our balance in protecting our natural resources while maintaining our industrial heritage, and this project will allow us to continue to achieve that delicate balance.”


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