Green energy startup to try to trap methane at McCall Farms lagoon


EFFINGHAM, S.C. — The smell around the McCall Farms production plant in Effingham may soon be dissipating.

The Florence County Council on Thursday approved an amendment to a fee-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement between McCall Farms and the county. Before the vote, Florence County Administrator K.G. “Rusty” Smith Jr. told the council that the amendment was to add GreenGas USA to the agreement.

GreenGas’s work includes projects to capture methane from sources like landfills, sewage plants and farms and working with utilities to build pipelines to deliver the collected and compressed gas to customers.

GreenGas, Smith said, would be placing machinery at the plant’s lagoon to collect natural gas emissions, primarily methane, with a scrubbing machine. The machinery would convert the gas into a clean natural gas that can be sent via piping to Georgetown and, eventually, CGT.

“That’s a double bonus,” Smith said. “Just to put in perspective, the project will offset … the emissions of more than 16,700 vehicles.”

Smith added that the amendment to the agreement would also help McCall Farms, an employer of around 1,000 people.

The county council voted unanimously to approve the amendment to the agreement.

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