GreenGasUSA and Dominion Energy Carolina Gas (DECG) announce Renewable Gas Injection Point

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November 30th, 2019

GreenGasUSA and Dominion Energy to build renewable natural gas hub

Charleston, SC:


Today GreenGasUSA and Dominion Energy Carolina Gas (DECG) announced an agreement to construct the first renewable natural gas injection point on DECG’s interstate pipeline system. The injection point will be located in Georgetown SC and will allow producers of methane gas from landfill, farm waste and other sources to inject renewable natural gas into DECG’s interstate pipeline system.

Renewable natural gas, or RNG, is transforming the future of clean energy. Thanks to technological innovation, we can capture waste methane from farms, landfills and other sources and convert it into clean energy that can heat homes and power businesses. When methane is converted into RNG, it captures 25 times more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than are released when RNG is used by consumers. That makes RNG better than zero-carbon. It’s actually carbon-beneficial.

The injection point will also provide much needed new firm natural gas capacity to residential, commercial and industrial customers. This investment will create 15 new jobs for Georgetown County.

Marc Fetten, GreenGas’ founder, said this injection point and partnership with Dominion is exactly the type of investment we love to pursue. “It fits all our investment criteria, including environmental sustainability through the capture of a greenhouse gases, offering innovative and ground breaking solutions, the first of its kind on Dominion’s system, and creating value for our customers by adding capacity in a constrained market. The gas transportation process will be efficiently managed by our gas delivery company, NeoGas, which will compress the RNG from farms and move it to the injection point, where it will be decompressed and injected into the pipeline. However, the most gratifying part of this project has been seeing the positive impact on our farming communities. Farmers can now generate additional income and eliminate a problematic waste streams, by partnering with GreenGas to develop waste to energy projects .”

Wayne Vermullen, General Manager for Dominion Energy Carolina Gas Transmission, said “DECG is pleased to work with GreenGas to bring renewable natural gas to South Carolina as part of Dominion Energy’s commitment to becoming the most sustainable energy company in the country. A new injection point in Georgetown, SC will provide additional natural gas to the fast-growing low country, enabling South Carolina to continue to pursue and attract new industrial prospects, as well as give all customers access to renewable natural gas supply.”

Yancey McGill, Former Lt. Governor of South Carolina and NESA Executive Committee Chairman, is thrilled about the possibilities that are now available. “Natural gas availability has always been a topic of discussion for the lower part of the NESA region. It is very exciting to now have a solution for companies who otherwise may not have considered doing business here. We look forward to seeing the impacts GreenGas’ investment will have on our region in the coming years.”

Brian Tucker, Director of Economic Development for Georgetown County, shared, “Over the last several years, the availability of natural gas has been a major economic development consideration, and we are excited about the GreenGas investment in Georgetown County. Having access to industrial sized natural gas supply will increase our competitiveness and allow us to recruit new companies into the county which will create needed jobs for our residents and allow us to drive growth in the southern and western parts of Georgetown County.”


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