GreenGasUSA and Duke University Announce a 20 Year Renewable Natural Gas Partnership

Duke University and GreenGasUSA today announced a 20-year partnership to purchase renewable natural gas which will be used to achieve carbon neutrality at Duke University’s Campus.

Renewable Natural Gas is produced by capturing methane emissions from agricultural processes. Methane is a highly potent greenhouse gas, which contributes to global warming at a rate 28 times greater than CO2.

Duke University’s commitment towards improving the environment and taking proactive steps to reduce carbon emissions are exemplary. The scientific rigor of accurately accounting for carbon emissions avoided by implementing this project and securing an appropriate source for this RNG set a new standard in the RNG industry. We are proud to have met these standards and grateful for Duke University’s disciplined approach towards establishing industry leading carbon accounting practices.

As demand for renewable sources of energy continues to increase, GreenGasUSA is committed towards partnering with world class educational institutions and businesses that are committed to environmental stewardship and improving technologies and processes to further reduce carbon emissions.

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