GreenGasUSA, Mercedes-Benz, McCall Farms Expand Carbon-Friendly Commitment in SC

South Carolina Department of Agriculture
Hugh E. Weathers, Commissioner

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GreenGasUSA, Mercedes-Benz, McCall Farms Expand Carbon-Friendly Commitment in SC
Renewable Natural Gas Project Is First of Its Kind in the State

LADSON, SOUTH CAROLINA – Local and international companies in South Carolina are working together to directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions – a model for industry-led climate solutions.

The Mercedes-Benz Vans plant in Ladson, South Carolina, is now using renewable natural gas (RNG) converted by Charleston-based GreenGasUSA from methane captured at the McCall Farms commercial vegetable cannery in Effingham, South Carolina.

GreenGasUSA installed equipment last year at McCall Farms to capture the methane from its Wastewater Treatment Facility and convert it to RNG.

Through GreenGasUSA’s partnership with Carolina Gas Transmission (CGT), a BHE GT&S subsidiary, the renewable natural gas is then transported from Florence County to a GreenGasUSA RNG hub in Georgetown County, where it is injected into existing pipelines and made available to GreenGasUSA’s clients in and outside the state.

GreenGasUSA is a leading provider of renewable energy solutions by helping farmers, food processors and industrial manufacturers capture greenhouse gas emissions from their operations. Through wastewater optimization and anaerobic digestion, GreenGasUSA converts waste streams into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). GreenGasUSA’s RNG is used by its customers as a zero and negative carbon fuel source to offset and reduce fossil fuel consumption.

“Connecting local agriculture with global industries on the basis of shared values around sustainable business practices is at the heart of our values and mission,” said GreenGasUSA owner Marc Fetten. “We appreciate Mercedes’ support of South Carolina agriculture through its commitment to carbon neutral energy solutions from McCall Farms.”

“Mercedes-Benz Vans is committed to continuously improving our environmental footprint,” said Axel Bense, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Vans, LLC. “The use of this renewable natural gas is one more element that will help us to further reduce carbon emissions from our plant. Sustainability is a key pillar for the future of our production operations in Charleston as we strive to create positive contributions for our local community.”

McCall Farms, a family-owned business established in the 1950s, produces Southern-style canned vegetables. McCall Farms sources nearly 700 million pounds of produce annually from farmers in the region, supporting local agriculture and helping make agribusiness the state’s No. 1 industry. Through its work with GreenGasUSA, the storied food business has entered a new era of climate-responsible operations.

“We are very proud to be a part of such an environmentally friendly project that helps like-minded entities achieve their reduced emissions expectations,” said McCall Swink, co-president of McCall Farms. “McCall Farms strives to promote sustainable industry practices that benefit our local communities, our state and our planet.”

South Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture Hugh Weathers, a champion of GreenGasUSA’s work to capture emissions from agribusiness, applauded the project.

“These companies are leading the way in reducing environmental impacts and achieving carbon emission reductions – and they’re strengthening South Carolina’s food and agriculture industry while doing so,” said Commissioner Weathers. “This innovative project shows us the path to a more sustainable future.”


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