Transitioning The World To A Zero Carbon Future With Renewable Natural Gas

Our vision at GreenGas is to lead the energy transition through partnerships with global businesses to help reduce their environmental footprint by producing renewable natural gas and other renewable products, including CO2, clean water, and agricultural nutrients.
We are a vertically integrated platform providing development, construction, operations, transportation, and generation of renewable products. We aim to build trust with our partners through transparency and accountability and we pride ourselves on the tangible benefits that our collaborative solutions bring to local industries.

our mission

We help farmers, food processors, municipal, and industrial sources monetize waste streams and RNG buyers decarbonize energy intensive operations with renewable energy and for carbon buyers provide high-quality carbon offsets.

GreenGas has a single purpose: Reduce as many greenhouse gas emissions as humanly possible. We all have our part to play. Our unwavering and unrelenting pursuit of this purpose is at the heart of our culture – it defines our spirit.


Our Partners Include

Amick Farms
Berkshire Hathaway Energy
Mercedes Benz
McCall Farms

GreenGas and Agriculture

GreenGas and Agriculture
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Cumulative MTCO2e Mitigated

GreenGas RNG projects capture and convert methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, from being emitted to the atmosphere. By the end of 2022, GreenGas will have mitigated over 120,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalent from being released to the atmosphere. The methane is instead converted into RNG.


GreenGasUSA And Darling Ingredients Partner To Reduce Emissions And Repurpose Waste Through The Production Of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

GreenGasUSA and Darling Ingredients Inc. (NYSE: DAR) are pleased to announce their partnership to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) and capture CO2 from the wastewater streams at Darling’s facilities in the U.S. The collaboration is expected to result in material greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions at Darling’s facilities from the installation of gas upgrading systems, CO2 capture systems, as well as generate other beneficial co-products.

Enviva Partnership


“GreenGas was a logical partner for McCall Farms. GreenGas provided all the expertise and capital to upgrade our wastewater system and produce renewable natural gas. With GreenGas’ help, McCall Farms is now preventing harmful greenhouse gases from emitting to the atmosphere. GreenGas is selling our RNG to organizations aligned with our sustainability objectives such as Duke University and Berkshire Hathaway. Collectively we have improved our operations, generated new income streams for farmers, and reduced fossil gas consumption by replacing it with renewable natural gas. This project has also reduced odor and improved water quality.”



Nothing short of saving our planet.

“Actively shaping the world’s transition to a zero carbon economy has been the most rewarding and impactful opportunity of my life. I founded GreenGas with a single purpose: reducing as many greenhouse gas emissions as humanly possible. Our unwavering and unrelenting pursuit of this purpose is at the heart of our culture – it defines our spirit. GreenGas is seeking people dedicated to our purpose, our spirit, and passionate about saving our planet.”


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