Greengas Is The Only Fully
Integrated RNG Producer

GreenGas owns and operates all critical assets of the RNG value chain to ensure supply security for carbon buyers and project development success for RNG sources.

1. Anaerobic Digestion

2. Methane Capture

3. Gas Purification

4. RNG Transportation

5. RNG Pipeline Injection

6. Carbon Solutions

Methane Bubble
Methane Bubble



Biogas Capture

Our team of wastewater management experts can assess biogas potential from your operations quickly and accurately. During this analysis we can also recommend improvements to reduce chemical usage, sludge production and DAF (dissolved air flotation) skimmings. These adjustments can lead to significant cost reductions in addition to the monetization of your waste streams. GreenGas typically applies anaerobic digestion to your process to capture biogas and reduce fugitive methane emissions to the atmosphere.

GreenGas’ engineering team then designs and permits a comprehensive biogas solution including, biogas capture, anaerobic digestion, gas flaring, compression, transportation, and pipeline injection. At the core of our solution are safety and environmental improvements.


Anaerobic Digestion

GreenGas has the ability to construct its own anaerobic digesters. Our crews have installed over 200 anaerobic digesters in the US, Central America, and Australia. Having this capability in-house significantly derisks project execution and your ability to monetize waste streams.

Gas Purification


Pipeline Grade RNG

GreenGas uses PSA (pressure swing absorption) gas purification systems to convert raw biogas to RNG. GreenGas owns and operates PSA systems with a team of in-house experts. Our team of engineers and technicians handles all aspects of gas production, preventive maintenance and annual shutdowns. Safety is the at the core of every task we perform.


Gas Compression and Transportation


GreenGas Transportation Services (GTS)

The value of RNG is greatest when it can access the most users through existing natural gas pipelines. RNG sources are typically not close to natural gas pipelines and accessing pipelines requires significant permitting and capital investment.
GreenGas has owned and safely operated a virtual pipeline business for over a decade. GTS compresses RNG at the source into specialized tube trailers, transports RNG to centralized pipeline injection points and injects the gas into interstate pipelines. From there, users all around North America can access this renewable energy, allowing us to partner sources with the best carbon buyers available.

This asset has been critical to enabling small and remote farms in the RNG market. We believe promoting broad market participation through key technologies is an important element of environmental justice to help our farming communities.


Pipeline Injection (TCO,CGT,KMI Partnerships)


Pipeline Access

GreenGas owns and operates its own RNG injection points. RNG is transported from its sources to strategically located RNG aggregation hubs on interstate pipelines around the country. There the RNG is decompressed and compressed to meet pipeline pressure. Once injected, the RNG is available to a universe of carbon buyers all around North America. This provides RNG sources and carbon buyers a marketplace where:
a) Gas can be sold and purchased.
b) Buyers and sellers can align strategically to form long-term partnerships.
c) Standardized RNG verification and certification can take place to provide high-quality environmental attributes.


Connecting RNG from Farms to Sustainably-Focused Customers


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